Ignite the flame in your god


1| spiritual awakening on our Campuses

Pray for spiritual awakening in campus ministries an in our own lives. Pray for a return to First Love and a forsaking of all other things. Pray for a new obedience in the hearts of believers to the Word of God. Pray for John 17 unity in the Body of Christ on your campus. Pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2).

2| salvation of the lost

Pray that lost on your campus would come to know Jesus Christ through His Gospel. Pray that the Gospel goes forth swiftly on your campus, in signs, wonders, and miracles. Pray for your lost dorm mates and classmates. Pray for your lost professors and deans to be saved.

3| student volunteer missions

Pray, "Lord of the harvest, thrust forth laborers into the harvest field!" (Matt. 9:38) Pray that God would send the best and the brightest from the universities of America, unto the hardest and darkest places of the earth. Pray that they would go where the Gospel has not yet been preached.